How Long Does It Take to Learn the Piano

Have you yet decided to learn piano? If the answer is yes then it does not make any difference that how long it will take to learn the piano. Also, learning how to play piano differs person to person. The persons having more aptitude for learning piano take little time to learn as compared to those who have less aptitude. However, it is the most asked question that how long does it take to learn the piano? There is no set answer to this question. There answer depends upon the person’s struggle and determination. It is a good sign if you have made up your mind to learn piano. There are two ways of learning the piano. Either you try to learn it by yourself or you are going take some piano lessons. Taking piano lesson is a good thing that it will save much of your time. In this article, we are going find a suitable and general time frame needed to learn the piano.

Mastering the Art of Playing Piano

Generally, learning any music is a lifelong process. To learn just playing any tone on the piano could be an easy task. If you already had any tone in your mind to be played on the piano, that will take some time depending on the complexity of the tone.

Normally music lovers start learning piano from their early childhood and continue the process for decades. They spend daily one to two hours learning piano with other routine works. On the other hand, some people dedicated much of their time learning piano.

Such people learn piano with much speed owing to their level of dedication. Learning piano and how long does it take to learn the piano is a matter of many factors.

The first and the foremost factor is the age of the piano learner. The lesser the age the lesser will be the time needed to learn the chemistry and function the piano. The pick power of kids is much powerful than that of the older ones.

So those who start learning piano in their childhood will take less time to learn to play the machine. While for the older ones it may take much of their time to master the art of playing the instrument.

The next factor that needs in this learning process is the determination and the level of dedication. People who are more dedicated and have a stronger determination will take less time to master this art than those people who less committed in their pursuit of learning and playing the piano.

The third thing that affects the learning process of the piano is the punctuality. Punctuality and regularity is the key to success in any field of learning.

Those people who follow a specific timetable while learning how to play the piano will learn the art with much speed. By following such systematic way, one will learn how the piano player in less time with great effectiveness.

This article will highlight some comprehensive and systematic ways that will help the readers in mastering the art of learning piano in an effective manner.

Step One: Setting a Goal

Now if you have decided to learn piano, the first thing you need to do in order to achieve success is set a target and time frame to reach that target. Goal setting is key to success in any field. Learning piano is a long process. So setting an achievable goal will make your journey of learning piano easier. There is set time required in this process.

There is no hard fast rule to calculate the exact time. For a beginner, it will take a few weeks to learn a piece of note.

For a very sharp learner it will be one to two weeks, but for a slow learner, it will take more than two weeks to master a note on the piano.

It takes some six months to three years to learn basic music on the piano. For avid music lover with some aptitude, it will take less a year to master the art of playing basic music on the piano. On the other hand for slow learning people with not so much aptitude, learning the basic piano Technics take more than three years.

If you want to become an intermediate piano player, you have to spare some three years to ten years. It is pertinent to highlight that how many hours a day you spend learning the piano is also of great importance.

If you spend more hours a day learning the art playing piano, you are going to learn this art with greater pace.

For people who spend less time learning piano, it will take more years for them to become an intermediate piano player. If you are dreaming big.

Like you want to become a famous international pianist. You want to compete at international level. You are going to earn a title for you. Then, you need more time and practice to become an advanced piano player. For average people, it will take some ten years to fifteen years of practice to become an expert of the piano.

For smart and hardworking people, it will be not that much of time. It all depends on your determination and level of commitment. You do need to focus on many aspects of learning the piano

Step Two: Learn the Music in Pieces If You Have No Experience

Considering the scenario where you have not prior interactions with the piano. You haven’t yet joined any class to learn how to play the instrument. It is quite possible for you to take to learn some nodes even without joining any formal classes.

Although you would feel some difficulty, you can learn some melodies by yourself. You can take help from YouTube videos for this purpose.

You would possibly be limited to use your one hand on one note. With some practice of few days or week, you can switch from one note to mixing two or more notes.

If you have joined any popular academy, you have would feel at ease with this learning of the piano. While you are committed to learning the piano yet you haven’t joined any academy

No big deal your commitment is enough to start going with the learning. Just visit YouTube. Watch the videos, and start learning the note piece by piece. Carefully observe the video tutorial, and remember the finger movement.

Now start emulating the keys on your own on your piano. The problem of this learning is that you will learn only one note at a given time making your pace very slow. To make the process of learning piano faster, you have to learn how to learn the music.

Initially, you can learn the music by cramming that, but that is not going to work for a long period of time. So, you have to know how to read the music.

Step Three: Knowing How to Read the Music

Being a starter in the quest of knowing how to learn the piano, you can continue the process with memorizing the music through rote learning and cramming, but that is not going to pay you off in the long run. Hence, you have to learn the art of reading the music.

Having learned this art will bring greater result in learning the piano. Although to learn and practice reading music is necessary, spending much time reading music is not a good sign. Many people spend much of their time in reading the music.

Eventually, they end up without learning much about the art of playing the piano. Actually, to know where the note lies on the page is quite an important, it is more important to hit the right finger at the right key on the keyboard.

If the process goes on effectively, you will learn the art of an intermediate piano player in six months, but many piano enthusiasts lose their thirst for learning the piano and end up taking some more than two to three years.

So both regularity and effectiveness are necessary components of this learning.

Step Four: Becoming and Advanced Pianist

To play one note on the piano and just to know how to read the music should not be anyone end goal. Every piano enthusiast wants to bring proficiency in his/her art of playing the piano. A young and avid practice can master this art of learning piano in about a time duration of ten years, but that will take much of determination and consistency. For the adult learner, the scenario is bit different. It will take much more time if they are not that consistent. Strong commitment needed in order to become a master pianist.


How long does it take to learn the piano is the question frequent ask by the piano learners. Without any doubt, learning how to play the piano is a lengthy process that requires much hard work and commitment. To play a single note may take a few days, but to master this art end up taking decades.





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