How much is a Roland Digital Piano

Pianos are basic instruments and considered as foundations of other musical instruments. Any music enthusiast can start his/her music career with learning piano. Although piano was first invented in the 1970’s, today’s pianos have shown much growth having increased capacity and sophistication. To meet the needs of the amateurs of piano, there has come many types of the instrument. Some are electric pianos and some are electronic. Of all the types of pianos, digital pianos are compact in size and available at an affordable cost. These digital pianos have many features too. The piano generally has a bulky size. For the matter of fact, different size of the instrument is available in the market. One can choose the piano that fulfills his/her needs. In this article, we will discuss that how much is a Roland digital piano, and also we will explore the many features of Roland pianos.

Different brands manufacture different styles of digital piano. So, to choose a piano from a string of different attractive pianos is quite a daunting challenge. Digital pianos are suitable for the beginners and they are price efficient too. This write-up will thoroughly guide you through the process of selecting a piano that best suits you. Before we explore and know how much a Roland Digital Piano is, we should take a birds-eye view of the types of Piano that anyone learning piano should know about the instrument.

Types of Piano

Though pianos are of different kinds, following are some of the most common types of Piano.

1.Digital Piano

These are electric pianos. Digital pianos have many shapes and sizes. Digital pianos are further divided into two kinds: console and stage pianos. Console pianos are used generally at homes. This type of piano has built functions like speaker and cabinet. While stage pianos are those that are used at stages to perform. Generally, these pianos have no much built-in functions.

2.Acoustic Piano

These are most traditional pianos. These pianos have some eighty-eight keys. Sounds are produced when one presses these keys. There are also two main types of acoustic pianos. One is called the upright and the second is the grand piano. The grand pianos have a variety of length. The strings of a grand piano are hung horizontally, so these are the largest pianos and are used in great concerts. On the other hand, upright pianos are generally compact and have comparatively small sizes.

3.Hybrid Piano

A hybrid piano is one that has both the characteristics of an acoustic as well as digital pianos. Hybrid pianos are a compact instrument that has low maintenance.

Buying a Roland Digital Piano

There are many good names and brands that manufacture awesome pianos. The market is abandon of such trustworthy brands. Hence is quite difficult for a person to choose a piano from the pool. But when it comes to Roland, there remain no rooms for such suspicion that from where to choose and which brand should be your choice. Roland Corporation makes it easy for you that it is one of the top names in manufacturing such instrument.

1. The Price of a Roland Digital Piano

The price of a piano varies according to size the brands. The following list will explore the prices of different models of pianos made by Roland. Take a birds-eye view of the following table in order to know that how much is a Roland digital piano.     


The Model Features Number of keys The Price
Roland RD-300NX One touch piano 88 $1,000
Roland F-140 Super Natural 88 $1,000
Roland F-20 Keyboard with escapement 88 $500-$1,000
Roland FP-30 Bluetooth 88 $500-$1000
Roland FP-50 Built-in speaker 88 $1,000
Roland FA-08 Track sequencer 88 $1,000
Roland RD-64 Keyboard 64 $500-$1,000
Roland FP-80 Note polyphony 88 $1,000
Roland FP-90 316 sounds 88 $1,000
Roland A-88 Dual and split keyboard 88 $500-$1000

2. The Sunny Side of a Roland Digital Piano

The Roland Corporation is a trustworthy name in digital instrument especially pianos. They manufacture highly professional equipment. Roland is a highly reliable product. Their products are designed with extreme expertise. Products made by Roland Corporation are highly successful. It is rare chance that a customer is unsatisfied with them. Owing to Roland’s efforts and time they put on their customer satisfaction, the company has been a success since its inception. The company was founded in Osaka, Japan. The company does not deal in music instrument, but also it offers its services in computer related things and general electronics. Roland is an international company based in the United States of America, Japan, Taiwan and many more. The Roland is famous for its reliability, high professionalism, and customer satisfaction.

Roland pianos are among the ones that are considered the best products on the market. Owing to the efforts put forward by Roland’s highly professional staffs, engineers and developers, they produce products with extreme precision. An area such as their tone selections, the capabilities of connection, MID and graded hammer actions are all embedded with enhancing technology. The digital pianos made by the Roland are extraordinary. They can be utilized by students and teacher of piano class alike. These pianos can be for a lot of purposes. It can be used in for recording Grammy to many other amazing collections of music. One of the excellent features of Roland Piano is that it is the reach of many people. People with a different level of skill can play these instrument. As the price list above shows that the price of Roland Pianos is extremely flexible. So people with low income can easily own a Roland piano.

3. The Best Available Piano

Apart from Roland, there are some other great names and brands that sell pianos in the market. Some names are listed below that are highly popular with Amazon having a great sales conversion.

  1. Roland JUNO-DS88 
  2. Yamaha YDP-163
  3. Yamaha P-115

These pianos some of the names that have a big conversion ratio at super online market Amazon.

4.Some Notable Roland Pianos

Here we are going to discuss some notable Roland pianos. To start with, the DP-990F is one of the pieces Roland ever produced in the category of Upright pianos (which is a type digital piano). Owing to the proficiency put in by the Roland, the product truly shone in the market. This piano has been featured with the comprehensive supernatural technology that is a representation of digital characteristics (that is found on classic acoustic pianos). The characteristic features also include natural decay, multisampling, and tonal changes. The digital pianos that Roland manufactures have beautiful architecture. These pianos come in different shapes too. The furniture style pianos are much attractive. The Roland 990F has the fourth generation hammer action technology. This piano has seventy-two built-in and 337 onboard different songs. One of the most heavies Roland machine is the Phantom-G8 Keyboard. The workstation is the most desired piano on the market. Also, this is one the costliest pianos available in the Market. Without attaching many peripheral devices, a variety music can be produced by the G8 keyboard. Music of any kind can be produced without connecting it the computer. It is an expensive machine yet it is the option you ever have through which you can produce your desired music.

Similar to the DP-990F, the Roland Phantom piano also has the supernatural technology. Both of these pianos have similar keyboards, i.e., the Ivory Feel keyboard. With a weight of about seventy-four pounds, this piano is nineteen inches wide and fifty-five inch long. Hence, it is a massive musical instrument.

Roland Pianos and the Users

Having a range of digital pianos, Roland entertains its users with some of the most amazing instrument and keyboard the music market ever has. A particular machine has specific features with ultimate expertise. The pianos are for all type of the users. There are pianos for the beginners as well as for the advanced users. The price varies according to the type of the machine. How much is a Roland digital piano is depended upon the features it has. Machines with more features have more prices as compare to the machine having limited features. Usually, Roland offers many compacts and sophisticated instrument at extremely affordable rates. These machines are highly reliable.

By now, I hope, you would have had a pretty good idea of how much is a Roland digital piano, and which Roland digital piano you should choose from the pool of digital market.

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